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The past few months have been extraordinary in all facets of life for just about everyone. Although there have been more than a few challenges along the way, it has been business as usual for the Blackburne Mortgage Broking team, helping new and existing clients with their home loan needs.  Here is just a taste of what some of our lovely clients have said about us recently.


 Marcus T

“Brian Willis is always helpful. Thanks Brian and Tracy for your recent intervention and subsequent rate reduction on both mortgages, you made the whole process simple for me. Thank you both for your help. I would highly recommend Blackburne Mortgage Broking.”


Cailyn W

“I have gone through Paul for both of my mortgage applications. He and Megan provide excellent customer service, regularly review interest rates to get the best deal and promptly answer all of my questions. Paul advises you of all available options and takes into account the features that are important to you. I highly recommend Paul and Blackburne Mortgage Broking to everyone I know.”


Dean G

“Thanks Tracy and Brian for a great job on getting our current mortgage interest rates reviewed. We had just gone along with what the bank gave us, until Tracy at Blackburne contacted us. All we had to do was provide our mortgage details in an email and Brian managed to get us new interest rates. All without leaving the house.”


Anne H

“We were referred to Paul by a friend. He exceeded our expectations. Very knowledgeable regarding products, understood the unique needs of our situation. Paul was thorough, followed up everything as he had promised in a timely manner and demonstrated excellent communication skills. He was also very personable, flexible in his meeting arrangements and continues to follow up with us and our project.”

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