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The First Home Buyer Bonus ANZ wants you to have

First Home Buyers in Perth take note. ANZ have announced a cash back offer to help eligible first home owners settle on a property, and it is sure to make many new homeowners very happy and their financial burden a little lighter.

There is a lot to consider when buying a first home and it is imperative that the highest priority is enlisting an experienced mortgage broker to guide you through the process. And in Perth, if you want the best experience there is no mortgage broker better equipped than the Blackburne Mortgage Broking team, so you can check that off your list straight away.

Selecting a cost-effective lender who is committed to supporting your home ownership journey, should be the next important point to cross off on the first home buyer’s list. A lender who has a great track record with a commitment to first home buyers is ANZ, and their new cash back offer cements this.

ANZ are offering $3,000 cash back to eligible first home buyers in a bid to help new homeowners with the costs of entering into a property purchase. There is a long list of expenses such as moving costs, connecting services, new furniture and home improvements that come with a property purchase so the benefit of $3,000 cash at settlement can be a life line for many first home buyers.

There are some conditions that must be met, but nothing out of the box. These include:

  • A minimum loan mount of $250,000
  • Applicant must be a first home buyer
  • Offer can be only claimed once.
  • Loan must be drawn down within 180 days from the date of application
  • Applicant must hold an eligible ANZ transaction account

There is also a suite of government grants still available that can also ease the financial burden for first home buyers, all of which our mortgage brokers can guide you through.

If you would like to know more about this offer or any other First Home Buyer grants or incentives contact the Blackburne mortgage team. Our Perth mortgage brokers are the experts you need in your corner when navigating the first home purchase journey.

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