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What Our Clients are Saying About Us – March 2017

A good mortgage broker ensures they understand their clients’ needs and that sometimes means thinking ahead about things that would not even register on the client’s own radar.

A perfect case arose recently when long standing clients Simon and Anne checked in with Paul Prindiville to advise they were selling their owner-occupied property and moving interstate. They wanted to make sure that from a financial perspective they had all their ducks in a row so contacted Paul for a quick chat.

Knowing that their current lender’s policy did not include term deposits as a security, alarm bells immediately rang in Paul’s mind.

You see, Simon and Anne are seasoned investors with a sizeable portfolio which was secured against their home.

Paul knew once this home was released from the structure there would not be enough equity available for them to receive all the proceeds from the sale.

The bank would want to maintain a loan to value ratio below 80% and therefore want to retain a hefty portion of the sale funds.

Not an ideal outcome when Simon on Anne were looking at buying a new home after relocating.

Paul was quick to act and advised them they needed a lender who would be willing to hold the sale proceeds in a term deposit as security against the remaining debts, pending the purchase of a new home.

Without delay Paul helped Simon and Anne refinance to a lender who could assist them with what they needed, and what’s more, got them on a great rate at the same time.

So the take away from this?

ALWAYS speak to your Blackburne Mortgage Broker before you undertake any financial upheavals, because they may be things they know that you would not even think about.

Having the benefit of an experienced mortgage broker in your financial arsenal is crucial, as you never know what’s around the corner that could cost you.

To quote property sales consultant and Blackburne colleague Brent Morfesse, “Experience isn’t expensive – it’s priceless”.

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