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The Top 10 Reasons to love Bankwest

Most lenders are currently clamouring to get your business through their doors with great rates and incentives on offer. Bankwest are not only serious about offering market leading products, but their overall service delivery is checking all the boxes.

Here are the Top 10 reasons Bankwest are proving that it is possible to love a bank:

They are quick:

If you have no interest in waiting a couple of weeks to get your application picked up for assessment, no problem. Bankwest are currently delivering on fast turnaround times so your file will not be sitting in a queue for days or weeks like at some other lenders.

They allow upfront valuations:

When an applicant’s equity position is going to make or break a deal, our ability to order a valuation to determine property values not only confirms if an application is viable but makes the assessment process a whole lot quicker having a valuation already in place.

They are based locally:

When an application is lodged with Bankwest you can be safe in the knowledge that the assessment process occurs exclusively in Perth and not interstate or overseas. This mitigates any time difference limitations and language barriers.

They have a unique online broker chat:

Instead of having to use a call centre, brokers have access to a unique online broker chat facility where we can have online chats with a Bankwest representative instead of having to wait on hold for extended periods of time.

They have digital doc signing:

One of the few to roll this new feature out, Bankwest can now email your loan documents to you and have you sign them electronically. This innovation means you no longer need to be at the mercy of Australia Post as well as saving a few trees along the way.

They do Guarantee loans:

Being committed to helping first home buyers enter the property market, Bankwest have an effective Family Guarantee policy that assist those with little or no deposit buy a home using a family member’s property as additional security.

They have rates starting at 2.99%*:

Whether you are after a fixed or variable rate loan, or even a combination of both, Bankwest  offers competitive pricing starting with their 3 year fixed loan at 2.99%* as well as their Complete Variable home loan that comes with a 3.29%**.

* 3.95% Comparison Rate

** 3.73% Comparison Rate

They allow four properties on one title:

For anyone looking to enter into a small-scale development, Bankwest will allow the construction of up to four properties on one title mitigating the need to subdivide prior to construction.

They will lend for properties up to 150 acres:

Locating a lender that will look at a rural property can be difficult. Bankwest are open for business on large scale properties provided there is a dwelling on the site and it’s not income producing.

They’ll put a ring on it:

As winner of the 2018 Most Innovative Banking Product, Bankwest are taking “walletless” banking one step further with the Halo Ring. Just tap and pay with this unique ring that makes paying a breeze.

If you are considering exploring your lending options Bankwest may be the change you are looking for. But if they are not the right fit, don’t worry, we have hundreds of loan products across our lending panel to choose from and our brokers can put you on the right track, no matter what your requirements are. Just contact us to find out more.

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