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Macquarie Home Loans – Life in the Fast Lane

With everything in life becoming “on demand” it’s no surprise that lenders are starting to step up and look at ways to make the customer home loan journey more efficient and that means being faster. Macquarie Bank has accepted the challenge to exceed all service expectations and are currently delivering a service offering like we have never seen.

If you are in the market for a new home loan, whether it be to purchase or to refinance, and you need it fast, Macquarie has you covered. On average, they are starting to assess deals within three hours from when they are received, whereas most banks take several days, give or take. If all documentation required has been received, you can expect a formal approval to be issued in less than 15 hours. These types of service levels are redefining what a fast turnaround should be.

But is its more that a swift processing time you are after, Macquarie are still offering some tidy rates and products. For their Basic Home Loan that offers free redraw you can expect to pay 3.75% (Comparison Rate 3.75%) for an owner-occupier loan with principal and interest repayments. Or if you are keen to earn Frequent Flyer Points, the Frequent Flyer Offset Home Loan Package comes with a 3.80% rate (Comparison Rate 4.00%) which comes with the benefit of ongoing points rewards.

But this is just scratching the surface. Talk to your Blackburne Mortgage Broker to find out more information if you are looking for a great home loan option – and fast!

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