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Low Rates are Old News? Not with Macquarie

With interest rates starting to edge upwards and experts predicting likely increases by the RBA in the coming year, the days of low rate home loans are on the decline. Or are they? Macquarie Bank doesn’t seem to think so and has made it clear they are well and truly open for business. Their Offset Home Loan Package is leading the charge with a very sharp 3.69% (comparison rate 3.94% ) comparison rate and all the features you have come to expect from a lending product.

With the option of having up to ten offset accounts, this package is suitable for anyone who values flexibility with their banking and are serious about effectively managing their money. Couple that with the ability to have an unlimited amount of loan account splits, and you really have the potential to tailor your banking to meet your own unique requirements. To compliment the competitive interest rate, package holders benefit from a low annual fee of $248, which is considerably less than most of Macquarie’s competitors. But the benefits don’t stop there.

If you opt-in to the Qantas Frequent Flyer Points Programme, you have the benefit of securing 10,000 points for every $100,000 in loans settled, plus ongoing bonus points throughout the life of the loan, just by paying an additional 0.05% in interest.

To qualify for this great Offset Home Loan Package, the loan must be for owner–occupied purposes, paying principal and interest and be for a new loan to Macquarie Bank. However, if you are an investor, don’t worry there are some sharp investment rates too – starting with 3.89% (comparison rate 4.14%) for a principal and interest product.

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