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Having Trouble Getting Finance? Look on the “Bright” Side with AFG Bright

Home loan products and lenders are not a one-size-fits-all by any stretch of the imagination. That’s where lenders that think outside the box to create solutions for customers whose circumstances are not conventional is extremely important.

That’s where AFG Bright comes in. Being a lender who prides themselves on being passionate about creating a fairer financial future for Australians, AFG Home Loans have recently launched a suite of lending options that may prove to help some customers’ homeownership dreams a reality sooner.

The AFG Home Loans Bright products offer solutions to potential borrowers whose circumstance is not in line with many lender policies.

A snapshot of the products launched include:

Bright Empower – FULL DOC

A Full Doc product for PAYG and Self-Employed borrowers up to 95% LVR. One Year Financials Accepted for Prime Borrowers (clear credit history only). Near Prime (compromised credit history) considered.

Bright Boss – ALT DOC

Alternative Documentation for both Prime and New Prime customers. One from of income documentation only required.

Bright Evergreen – NON- RESIDENT

Full Doc or Alt Doc home loans available to borrowers with non-Australian sources income and non-residents of Australia.


Full Doc home loans for Australian citizens, permanent residents with income in AUD or an acceptable foreign currency.

Bright Premium – 188/888 VISA

Full Doc home loans for Australian 188B/C or 888B/C holders.

Bright Connect – BRIDGING

Bridging home loans for Full Doc Prime and Alt Doc Prime Borrowers.

If you have an outside-the-box scenario that may have impeded you from securing the finance you require then AFG Bright may be the solution. Your Blackburne Mortgage Broken team can provide further information on what may work for you.

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