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Australian Mutual Banks – Another Way to Save on Your Home Loan

Blackburne Mortgage Broking is pleased to inform you that we’ve recently included Industry Mutual Banks as an addition to our panel of lenders. We now have Teacher’s Mutual, Firefighter’s Mutual and Uni Bank available to our clients and we look forward to being able to offer unique products to those who qualify.

If one of the applicants on a potential loan is in the teaching or firefighting profession, is employed at a university or holds a university degree, then a Mutual Bank Loan may be a worthwhile consideration.

The products and rates are the same across all three lenders, but there are some notable features that could be desirable. For instance, has fixing your loan been on your radar screen? How does either 2 Year Fixed at 3.69%* or 3 Year Fixed at 3.79%** sound? Both of these rates are competitive in the current market, but wait, there’s more. Rewriting the rules of a fixed rate loan, the Mutual Banks offer a full offset account with their fixed products, usually unheard of when talking about fixed rate loans.

First home buyers have not been forgotten either. Their “My First Home Loan Product” could be the foot in the door that the first home buyer in your life has been looking for. With a loan-to-value ratio (LVR) of up to 95% of the property value, plus Lender’s Mortgage Insurance up to 98%, this is sure to help anyone who lacks much in the way of equity. Couple that with the potential of a 40-year loan term for those who qualify, this will assist those who may also be a little tight when it comes to servicing their loan.

If you are looking for a viable alternative to the bigger lenders, contact Blackburne Mortgage Broking to see if one of the Mutual Banks may be the right option for you.

(*Comparison rate 5.10% **Comparison Rate 4.99%)

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