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AFG Home Loans – Niche Solutions, and Fast!

Thinking about steering away from a major bank? Have an “out of the box” scenario that’s not likely to fit with one of the majors or a conventional lender?  Don’t be too quick to abandon your home loan dreams because AFG Home Loans may have the solution.

Over their five different home loan products, AFG are committed to working with customers who may find securing a home loan with a major lender difficult, but not only that, their service levels are fast, and their assessment is all done locally.

Here is a snapshot of what niches of each product:


Will accept:

  • Trade Qualified short-term self employed
  • 100% of Commission income and 100% Bonus income over 2 years
  • Will accept letter from Accountant as income verification of for Lo Doc loans

Applications are picked up in 1 – 2 business days.


Will accept:

  • 1 Day Employment Acceptable
  • 100% of Commission income and 100% of Bonus income over 2 years.
  • 100% of Family Tax Benefit Part A & B regardless of age of child.
  • No Risk Fee (LMI) for Prime Lo Doc Loans

Applications are picked up in 2 business days.


Will accept:

  • 2 years’ accountant prepared financials that have not been lodged with ATO
  • Single parenting payment when child is under 9 years.
  • 6 Month casual employment.
  • 1 Day employment
  • LVR of up to 95% for owner occupied purchases.

Applications are picked up within 4 business days.


Will accept:

  • Only 3 month’s home loan statements for refinances
  • Bridging finance available for owner occupied and investment, servicing on end debt only.
  • 12 months casual or 2 years in the same industry.

Applications are picked up within 3 business days.


Will accept:

  • Accountants’ declaration acceptable income verification for Lo Do loans
  • Refinance to pay out business or Tax debt.
  • Do not credit score applications.
  • Discharged Bankrupt from one day are considered.
  • 40 Year loan terms available.
  • Up to 85% with no LMI.

Applications are picked up within 1 – 2 business days.

With lenders restricting their policies and turnaround times with many banks becoming increasingly inflated its nice to know that there is a lender willing to look outside the box and deliver results fast. For more information about Any of the AFG Home loan products speak to one of your Blackburne Mortgage Broking team.

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