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A Financial Planner – Why Every Mortgage Holder Needs One

Settling on a new mortgage, whether it be for a first home, a next home, an investment property or for a refinance, taking the time to see an experienced and licensed Financial Planner should be on your financial to do list.

So why is seeing a Financial Planner so beneficial? As a highly trained financial professional, a good advisor will be able to offer a plan that is tailored specifically around your circumstances and your long and short-term goals.

A planner can assist you with strategies for:

  • Paying off your home loan quicker
  • Boost your superannuation with tax effective strategies
  • Protect your income
  • Build an investment portfolio
  • Pay off your home loan effectively
  • Help your kids get a kick start in their life.

As Mortgage Brokers we always recommend to our clients that they see a planner when they take out a new mortgage, whether they be adding to their debt position or not. According to the Rice Warner Underinsurance Report of 2017, as a nation, only one third of the workforce is considered to have adequate income protection insurance. This places many mortgage holders in a precarious position, should they find themselves without an income stream.

Ask yourself – if you suddenly found yourself without a job or unable to work, how would you pay your mortgage and support yourself and / or your family?

Our clients have the benefit of having access to a complimentary review with our partners at Wealth Protect Financial Services at any time, not just during a settlement. We feel that this is an invaluable service offering and it gives us comfort that our valued clients and their finances are in safe hands. In addition, the synergy of having our services interlinked makes the customer experience seamless.

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