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Apartment Finance

How do off-the-plan home loans work?

It’s no secret that Blackburne Mortgage Broking has become Perth’s premier off-the-plan lending specialist broker, having assisted literally hundreds of buyers through the apartment purchase journey for both new and established properties.

Securing finance for an apartment differs from a conventional property finance application. Factors like the size of the property and where its located are scrutinized by lenders and bank polices are changing frequently. It’s imperative to be on the front foot and be armed with the knowledge and experience required for a successful and seamless settlement.


We offer tailored off-the-plan lending guidance

If you are thinking about purchasing an apartment off-the-plan, before you put pen to paper to sign a contract, a chat with one of our brokers is a must.

There are a myriad of factors that come into play when it comes to buying in a new development and a successful settlement depends on you having your financial ducks in a row.

It’s crucial that you are aware of the things that you should do and should not do during the time between contract signing and settlement.

Your mortgage broker at Blackburne will provide a tailored solution for your apartment loan.


We help you apply for your off-the-plan loan

When it comes time to get the process underway for the completed property settlement, our team are savvy to the optimum time to submit an application and where to direct your business.

Each lender has its own unique lending policy regarding apartments which our brokers are fully versed on. In recent years certain lenders have adjusted their policies when it comes to apartments particularly when it comes to loan to value ratios and postcode restrictions, with some simply choosing not to do business in this space at all.

It’s imperative to partner with a broker understands what bank is likely to approve your apartment loan application straight out of the gate, saving you time shopping around to different institutions with the prospect of possibly getting your loan declined.

Similarly, a number of restrictions can come into play with established apartment finance, whether it be for a purchase or for a refinance application.

It therefore pays to deal with specialists like the brokers at Blackburne whose proven track record in settling unprecedented numbers of loans for apartments provides the peace of mind you need when entering this often stressful transaction.

If you are considering purchasing an apartment or refinancing an existing property, whether it be for owner occupied use or investment, it pays to speak to the experts when it comes to your finance requirements.


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